Friday, March 19, 2010



Lets bring it up to beat
With the rhythm with your feet
And dance on and on and on
To this happy little song
‘Cause there’s nothin’ to hold you down
So just spin your self around
And let the music lift you up
As you sip from that red cup
Yeah, its alright for you to drink
‘Cause when you really come to think
Even Jesus had his days
Being part of that fancy craze
Of that lovely party scene
If you know what I mean
So turn that water into wine
And then everything is fine
I’m not saying over do it
I’m just saying you could use it
‘Cause every now and then
Time away from studyin’
Can really help you out
So just stand up and shout
Let your body run amuck
You can push all your luck
‘Cause you know when its fun
And you feel like you can run
With all these memories
Of just hanging from the trees
And being with your friends
Like it never really ends
And you think “it shouldn’t have to”
And its absolutely true
But even when it does
You’ll be alright because
There’s always another day
Where the music still will play
And you’ll bring it up to beat
With the rhythm of your feet.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

the rhyme of me and we

the rhyme of me and we

Sometimes we feel like crying
Sometimes we just like hiding
Sometimes we’re simply dying
As our thoughts wont cease their lying
As our insides keep on frying
Because you’ll never see us flying

I don’t show you what you want to see
I don’t fill you in on the real me
I don’t want to stand alone and be
Someone who will never be free
Someone searching for life’s hidden key
It’s like I’m falling from that tree

We can make it seem we feel alright
We can shine and make our smile bright
We can live with so much of that might
Every second reaching that false height
Every moment on this rope so tight
Hoping when we fall, that we’ll take flight

I will bring it back to only just my own
I have many things to be shown
I can show you how I’ve done the opposite of grown
Just listen to the words I’ve blown
Just read them, listen to me moan
Listen to this melancholy tone

Because we shouldn’t have to try
Because we always fall from the sky
Because life shouldn’t make us cry
We know that we don’t know why
We’re as lost as the catcher in the rye
I think that means it’s time we said good bye.

The Only Man I Fear


There is one person in the world
Who terrifies me so
Every time I see him
My heart stops in my chest
He’s not like others that you know
He is the coldness of the snow
There is one person in the world
Who will bring the end I fear
I can’t escape from his grasp
No matter what I do
There’s nothing I can do here
He’ll find me, drawing ever near
There is one person in the world
I’m afraid I cannot fight
I will surely lose
My world will end in darkness
It has not to do with his might
But by his grasp, so tight
There is one person in the world
That keeps me from my peace
This nightmare haunts me always
I want nothing but to forget
I cannot dream of lovely trees
I cannot do what I do please
Because this person in the world
Has bound me to this life
There is no way to change my past
He will always be there
He can see me
He is everywhere
Him and his taunting glare
There is one person in the world

Think, Know, Believe

Think all you want
Hold on to that thought
It’s just in your reach
No one can take it
Keep going for a bit

Know who you are
Now don’t stray too far
Only be yourself
Why anybody else?

Believe that you will
Embrace and fulfill
Lead your heart the right way
Instead of to dismay
Even when it may seem
Very much extreme
Even then…..

Think, Know, Believe…the end.

That Spring

That Spring

There was a day
The month was May
One end was awfully near

I did but fall
And felt so small
I lost what once was dear

And so the change
That felt so strange
Was meant to feel quite free

This life I knew
I bid adeu
To all that was just me

But what I had
Was not so sad
’Twas merely just a lie

I chose the truth
I’m living proof
My heart must sit and cry

But moving on
I walk along
To find what I can’t fear

Because my day
Comes back to May
The time again is here

I know

I know

I know why you did it
It was merely out of spite
Because you weren’t quite ready
That doesn’t make you right

I know why this happened
It happened very fast
Meant for something more
But not to make it last

I know why you called me
To tell me what I wouldn’t hear
Though taken rather badly
I won’t shed another tear

I know why we went there
It was out of wrong, I know
Although it really could have been
I’m glad it will not grow

I know why I did it
Good things are not by force
But still a part of me it took
Left with pieces, but of course

I know I can’t change things
But you were what I wanted
Whether known or not
My heartbeats now are haunted

I know why you did it
I just wish you didn’t

The Game


Different, you can say
Is the game we all must play
But as for me
Some days you’ll see
This game is harder yet
I’m willing all to bet
For in this game
I’m put to shame
Although I’m stuck
Can’t dodge or duck
I never cheat
I’m always beat
Yet still I try
And have yet to fly
Ahead of the board
Collect my reward
So can you understand
Why I throw in my hand
I just want to quit
And be normal for a bit.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Gladly Gone

Gladly Gone
a poem

If you want to hear a monster
Just listen to me breathe
Let it fill your mind up
Let it really seethe

If you want to see a nightmare
Just watch me where I stand
Let me tear your heart out
Let me make it bland

If you want to feel your world end
Just keep feeling ‘round for me
Let yourself keep searching
Let yourself run free

If you want to taste your future
Just leave me out of it
Let your tongue taste nothing
Let your thirst go wild for a bit

If you want to smell of roses
Just pick some for yourself
Let go of those held onto, like you’ve
Let go of your good health