Thursday, March 18, 2010

the rhyme of me and we

the rhyme of me and we

Sometimes we feel like crying
Sometimes we just like hiding
Sometimes we’re simply dying
As our thoughts wont cease their lying
As our insides keep on frying
Because you’ll never see us flying

I don’t show you what you want to see
I don’t fill you in on the real me
I don’t want to stand alone and be
Someone who will never be free
Someone searching for life’s hidden key
It’s like I’m falling from that tree

We can make it seem we feel alright
We can shine and make our smile bright
We can live with so much of that might
Every second reaching that false height
Every moment on this rope so tight
Hoping when we fall, that we’ll take flight

I will bring it back to only just my own
I have many things to be shown
I can show you how I’ve done the opposite of grown
Just listen to the words I’ve blown
Just read them, listen to me moan
Listen to this melancholy tone

Because we shouldn’t have to try
Because we always fall from the sky
Because life shouldn’t make us cry
We know that we don’t know why
We’re as lost as the catcher in the rye
I think that means it’s time we said good bye.

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