Friday, March 19, 2010



Lets bring it up to beat
With the rhythm with your feet
And dance on and on and on
To this happy little song
‘Cause there’s nothin’ to hold you down
So just spin your self around
And let the music lift you up
As you sip from that red cup
Yeah, its alright for you to drink
‘Cause when you really come to think
Even Jesus had his days
Being part of that fancy craze
Of that lovely party scene
If you know what I mean
So turn that water into wine
And then everything is fine
I’m not saying over do it
I’m just saying you could use it
‘Cause every now and then
Time away from studyin’
Can really help you out
So just stand up and shout
Let your body run amuck
You can push all your luck
‘Cause you know when its fun
And you feel like you can run
With all these memories
Of just hanging from the trees
And being with your friends
Like it never really ends
And you think “it shouldn’t have to”
And its absolutely true
But even when it does
You’ll be alright because
There’s always another day
Where the music still will play
And you’ll bring it up to beat
With the rhythm of your feet.

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