Thursday, March 18, 2010

I know

I know

I know why you did it
It was merely out of spite
Because you weren’t quite ready
That doesn’t make you right

I know why this happened
It happened very fast
Meant for something more
But not to make it last

I know why you called me
To tell me what I wouldn’t hear
Though taken rather badly
I won’t shed another tear

I know why we went there
It was out of wrong, I know
Although it really could have been
I’m glad it will not grow

I know why I did it
Good things are not by force
But still a part of me it took
Left with pieces, but of course

I know I can’t change things
But you were what I wanted
Whether known or not
My heartbeats now are haunted

I know why you did it
I just wish you didn’t

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